Showdown BASIC

Our basic Showdown tool incorporates Strokes Gained data as well as some other scoring stats. The BASIC tool allows some filtering of the data but will not be as capable as the BASIC+ and ADVANCED tools. This is a good place to start as you begin diving into PGA Showdown.


Currently our most advanced Showdown data, providing transparency for DFS players to use data outside of Strokes Gained. Many facets affect Strokes Gained in a given round, including outlier data, but viewing our ADVANCED data will give you a clearer image of Player opportunities in each round. Opportunities are the Key To Success!


Our industry-leading Projections incorporate multiple seasons of data (decay-weighted) to provide the most precise median projections for players.

Showdown FREE

Of course we know some DFS Players are on a budget and looking for cost-conscious ways to enhance their ROI. Our FREE Dashboard aims to offer enough data to help the average player, at no cost to you, but we strongly encourage you to our ADVANCED Plan which will give you a clearer image of Player opportunities in each round, along with even more data such as Tee Times, Projections, Proximity, Average Approach and of course the Birdie Opportunity metrics which are the Key To BIG GPP Wins!

Showdown PROX Only

Our industry-leading single round Proximity Stats. Easy to browse and identify the best players from round to round every week!

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